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Film Storage

Film & Video Archive Storage

A secure, stable and economical environment for preserving film, video tape, and audio material, including nitrate film.

We provide dedicated film,  video tape and audio tape archive storage in London, with helpful personal  customer service, and two hour return to you in London, 24/7.

Film and video storage facilities in London and the South East

We have multiple purpose-built archive storage facilities in London and the South East.  Facilities include :

  • temperature regulation
  • humidity regulation
  • access control systems
  • CCTV monitoring
  • smoke detection
  • water detection
  • dust filtration
  • gas fire suppression systems

Rapid Retrieval and Return in London

Our purpose-built film storage and archive facilities and bespoke asset management system make retrieving items quick and easy. If you are based in London we can return material to your offices within 2 hours.   The retrieval and return service is available at any time of day, every day of the year.

Online Asset Management, for complete visibility and control

All our film storage customers have free access to our unique Online Asset Management System.   This gives you complete visibility and control over all your  film and video assets, from anywhere with internet access, at any time of day.

Our system reads and uses your existing bar codes.  Unlike most of our competitors we do not require you to supplement your bar codes with ours.  This saves time, reduces errors, and makes it easier for you to track your assets.

Onsite facilities

Film Storage 2

Onsite facilities include 16mm and 32mm Steenbeck film editing equipment. Film cleaning, film winding and other processing services are also available.

Film and Video Transfers

Through our partnership with TKOne, who share our Kings Cross location, we can offer film and video transfers between a wide range of formats.  TKone’s clients include The Imperial War Museum,  the BBC Broadcast Archive and Thames TV News.

Copyright Protection

We are members of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) and the Federation of Commercial Audiovisual Libraries International Ltd (FOCAL).

 Cellulose Nitrate Film Storage in London

We are one of the few film storage companies in London and the UK offering a secure storage facility, fully protected and dedicated for cellulose nitrate stills and film.

Cellulose Nitrate, also known as Nitrocellulose, was widely used for all forms of photography, including movies,  up to the early 1950s.  It is dangerously combustible, so many film storage facilities refuse to accept it.  The Health and Safety Executive say “Cellulose nitrate film is extremely dangerous. It catches fire very easily and one alight is difficult to put out.” It does not require an air supply to burn, and may continue to burn when completely immersed in water.  It was replaced by cellulose acetate film, initially known as “safety film”.

Our purpose-built film storage facilities, with their high level of facilities,  plus our experience and expertise, means that we are able to provide safe and secure storage for cellulose nitrate film.

Preserving The Pathe News Film Archive

We protect the Pathe News film archive.  Many of the film clips seen on television to illustrate major world events, such as World War One and Two, or major London events such as royal weddings and funerals, are taken from our film storage centres.

Video Tape Archive

We provide secure archive storage for video tape as well as for film. We can safely store all formats of video and data tape, including:

  • BetaCam
  • Beta SP
  • Digi Beta
  • LTO
  • HD Cam

Abbot Datastore played a huge role in helping us to organise our material and have continued to be an integral part of our working collection and archive. With their help, we have progressed from having a virtually unknown amount of valuable film and tapes kept in unsafe conditions across multiple sites, to our current, much more workable system in our new space.Knowing that these materials, many of which are artworks in their own right, are catalogued and held in safe, offsite, climate-controlled conditions is only half of the battle – being able to retrieve items within 24 hours is a fantastic resource and to deal with friendly, accommodating people makes the whole process that bit smoother.

Dr Mel Francis, Studio Archivist,

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