Abbot Datastore

London's Best Data Storage Service

File Storage and Document Archive Storage in London

File and Document Storage
A dedicated, targeted paper document and file storage and retrieval service in central London.

With us, all your paper files and documents are secure, confidential and very easy to retrieve.  We store and manage individual files, giving you precise control over what you retrieve.  Many of our competitors can only manage file boxes, meaning that you have to retrieve far more than you need, and often pay far more than you need.

Online Asset Management System

Our unique online asset management system makes it quick and easy for you to check on the location of your files and documents, and retrieve them.  We developed the system ourselves, to give our customers a better service than our competitors.  It is free for all our file, document and physical record archive storage customers, and available 24/7.

Two-hour retrieval and delivery in London

Your documents can be delivered to you within 2 hours, if you are based within London.   This service is available all day, every day of the year.

A Dedicated Document Storage and File Archive Service

Our document and file storage service is supported by facilities purpose-made for that service.  It is not an after thought tagged on to a box storage service.  It is a purpose-build offsite archive and management service for physical records.

Our unique bar coding system is applied to each individual item stored so that they may be managed and retrieved individually. Our document archive uses a specialized mobile shelving system  with specially designed racking so that each item can be individually accessed without compromising security. The confidentiality of files and documents in transit is never compromised, because we use secure plastic crates, and pouches with unique ID tags.


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