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Ancillary Services

Media Destruction & Recycling

Document Destruction
We can arrange for the secure destruction of all types of computer media, including hard disk drives. Our suppliers are environmentally aware and recycle whenever possible. They are affiliated to the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management.

 Computer Media

Computer Media

Our bulk buying power enables us to source computer media of all types at a discount.  We are happy to pass these savings on to our clients, by supplying computer media at very competitive prices.

 Media Cases

Media transit case

To protect your data during transportation we recommend purpose-made media transit cases.  We can supply cases for most types of media from a range of quality manufacturers,  including the most popular brands,  Turtle and Peli.  Alternatives such as aluminium flight cases are also available.

 Crates for Hire and Purchase

Storage Crates

Our stackable crates are ideal for shipping, storing and distributing a wide range of materials.  Our hire service is particularly useful for office moves.

The crates are rigid and durable, due to their construction from high-density polyethylene.  They can be stacked when in use, and nested when not in use, to save storage space.  They have security tie holes and attached lids, which interlock to offer protection and security of the contents.

Document Boxes

Document boxesOur robust cardboard document boxes are ideal for transporting and storing files and paper documents.  They are supplied as easy-to-store flat packs, and are quick and easy to assemble.  They are available in two sizes :

  • AD1 (15″x11″x11″) in flat packs of 25.
  • AD2 (19″x15.5″x10.5″) in flat packs of 10.

Document Wallets

Document walletsDocument wallets make it easier and more secure to transport and store :

  • computer media
  • paper documents and files
  • valuables

They are constructed of durable PVC coated nylon with a zip closure and an integral security sealing device.  The wallets are available in a variety of sizes and colours.   They have a label window and can be sealed with button seals (supplied separately) for extra security.

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