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Film and Video Storage for London

London is a creative hub and the UK’s main centre for film production, and also the UK centre for those who have historic film to store.  It is also home to many organisations, such as news broadcasters and documentary makers, who occasionally need historic film. That’s why it makes perfect business sense to store films and videos in London.

We at Abbot Datastore have purpose-built film storage facilities, including one in the Kings Cross area of central London, which is easy to reach from both the City and the West End.  We commit to returning your film and video to you on demand, within two hours,  24/7, every day of the year.  We also take pride in our helpful personal customer service.

Nitrate Film Storage in London

Films made before the 1950s use Cellulose Nitrate film stock.  This is dangerously flammable, and in certain circumstances may undergo spontaneous combustion.  Kodak, who manufactured much of nitrate film in existence today, say “For longer storage, use an approved storage vault.” ( See here for more details.)

Many storage companies refuse to accept nitrate film stock.  We are one of the few companies offering film storage in  London happy to provide nitrate film storage, because we have the advanced facilities required to make sure it is stored safely.

Rapid and Reliable Return of Films within London

Film storage works best when it is paired with a rapid and reliable returns service.  We offer just that.  There are a variety of options available, including a 2-hour retrieval and return service, which can return films to locations in London within two hours.
Film Storage

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