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Document Storage for London

London’s Best Document Storage Service

We believe we provide London’s best document storage service, and we believe London has a unique need for our services.  The challenges of doing business in London mean that companies need the cost and efficiency savings of outsourced data and document storage.

The Challenges of Doing Business in London

London is the one of the most expensive cities in the world. Its property prices are driven by some of the world’s richest individuals, and some of the world’s richest corporations.  This means that London businesses pay more per square meter of space than anywhere else in the country.  Therefore, they have to ensure that none of that space is wasted on non-essentials, such as storing documents and files which are not often accessed.

Document Storage for London

Document Storage in LondonLondon has a high proportion of financial services and insurance companies.  They are obliged by their regulators, and by the need for good customer service, to make sure all documents recording customer interactions, such as signed contracts, are stored safely.  Doing this in-house is not cost efficient for documents that are not regularly accessed. Also, it may not be sufficiently secure, as standard office space does not have advanced facilities such as an asset management system.

Using our purpose-built document storage facility solves these problems.  They make sure documents are both secure and easy to retrieve.  Documents can be returned to your London offices within 2 hours.

That’s why many London companies choose Abbot for file and document storage in London.

Tape Storage for London

Tape StorageWe offer secure storage within London for computer tapes and media.

Every IT professional knows the importance of keeping data safe by making backups, then storing them off-site.  London businesses also have to think through the need for Business Continuity, because of the extra risk of being in the capital.  Every business is at risk from flood or fire : London businesses are also at risk of terrorist action.

Storing backup tapes safely off-site is important, and being able to retrieval them quickly is equally as important.  Our retrieval and return service means we can return computer tapes and media to your main office in London, or you business continuity location in London, within two hours.

Two-hour Retrieval and Return within London

Document Return in 2 hours in LondonOur customers value our 2-hour retrieval and return service, which can return their documents or tapes to them within two hours, anywhere in London.  The service is available at any time of day or night, on every day of the year.  This means some clients use it as part of their Business Continuity planning, because we can deliver the most recent backup tapes to the backup site if the client’s main site becomes unavailable.


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